How to choose a restaurant? Here are the expert’s advice

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Opening your company’s website is always a very important choice. Before starting the new adventure it is necessary to take into consideration several factors: budget to be able to dedicate to the creation and care of the website, time available, study of its competitors and SEO content analysis .

Each sector has rules to follow: the guidelines used for the creation of a laundry website cannot be the same as for a restaurant website. Catering is a particular and above all very competitive world. Every chef tries to show his skills, but succeeding on an Internet site is a difficult task. To improve your online image and optimize content, you can follow some simple advice when creating the restaurant’s website that will allow you to have an advantage over your competitors.

If you don’t have a lot of experience, you can rely on a specialized company, but often the prices are very high and could exceed the available budget. To create the website of your restaurant by spending little money, you can entrust Libero Pages with the service developed by Italiaonline that allows you to create an Internet site starting from your company’s Facebook page. the contents of the Facebook page on the company’s website and every time you publish something on the social network, you can synchronize it automatically or not with the site.

Content optimized for search engines

In addition to being a showcase for your dishes, a restaurant’s website must “drain” traffic from search engines and attract new customers. And to do all this, what should you do? Create content (mainly articles to be published in an ad hoc blog) that are SEO oriented , or designed for search engines. The customers will increase. For example, if you have a restaurant in Bologna, one of the goals is to be in the top positions for the search query “best restaurants in Bologna”, “restaurants in Bologna”, “where to eat in Bologna” and so on.

To find out which words to use in the articles and content on the restaurant’s website, you can use the free tools available online: answerthepublic, Google Keyword Planner and KeywordTool, just to name a few.

Book online

The direct consequence of the previous paragraph is the need to integrate an online booking tool into the site . If you can bring traffic to the website from search engines, you must give the user the option to book directly online and consult the menu.

On the Libero Pages plans you will find the extension ” Booking “, a module to be added to the base site that allows site visitors to send a booking request.

The photos make the difference

How to convince the user to book online in your restaurant? Through images . The photos have the power to make the “watering mouth” come to the user / customer. A tip to follow for the realization of the restaurant’s website is to rely on experienced photographers and not on relatives and friends. The images of the dishes with the raw materials in plain sight immediately capture the user’s attention.

The restaurant menu

If you can capture the attention of the potential customer through the photos, you must also offer a menu where you can check the dishes prepared by the chef. Publishing the restaurant menu online with the prices of each dish is an additional service that is offered to the user and allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors by immediately giving an image of transparency and professionalism.

Publish customer reviews

The best free advertising for your restaurant ? Logically the customer reviews . The easiest way to show the goodness of your products is to “leave” the word directly to those who have tasted them. A tip: don’t hide the negative reviews . Indeed far from it. Respond to those who made it explaining your reasons: in this way you will show openness to criticism and able to dialogue with customers, even the most problematic ones.

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